What is New In The Latest Update of Madden 21

2020-10-16 00:00:00

Another Madden 21 title update just dropped. The patch addresses issues regarding the gameplay, several game modes, and presentation. The gameplay update is the most comprehensive so we will start with it. The quarterbacks that are controlled by the player will no longer automatically throw to a receiver after a snap. This bug was addressed in a previous update, but another issue occurred. 

Thanks to players' reports, the developers were able to identify and correct the problem. This happened after the player did a catch mechanic. When the snap button was held for too long, the input data would carry over and trigger the automatic throw. 

If you had troubles with the ball stuck in hand celebration you will be glad to know that it was resolved. It will not occur as much anymore. The bench press’s ability also received some attention from the developers. The issue that triggered the fatigue penalty in running players was fixed. The fatigue impact that occurred when a receiver was pressed is not that high anymore. 

Players doing strip attempt to notice that thrown passes sometimes warped back to the defender. This was too fixed. 

Another annoying bug caused the player who had the ball to freeze when doing a fake-out against a defender. It is no longer the case. Receiver icons will now appear correctly. The issue with the pitch and HB toss pass play was also fixed. Another issue caused a graphical error. This was due to a blocking interaction. 

Several other minor fixes make the gameplay experience better and more stable. In multiplayer practice, you won't see the pass rush on-field trainer display. The Face of the Franchise and Franchise modes got some stability updates. The simulate game feature will not produce that many ties anymore. The draft bar interface will not turn invisible when players switch menus during the draft. 

The team tab will also not disappear when the player exits the game. The game will no longer crash when players look at the search trade results. Text readability was improved thanks to user interface updates. When you do a solo challenge on the highest difficulty, the Play Next Challenge option will start with the same difficulty. The presentation update fixes Oakley's colors. They have been updated with the ones used for this season. The update is automatically applied when you go online. You don't need to do anything else than wait for a few minutes. 

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 (Contributed by Reda; Edited by Chong Fang) 


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