What Players Have To Say About Madden 21

2020-09-04 00:00:00

Madden 21 is finally here. We knew what to expect thanks to developers’ blogs and other announcements but nothing beats the real experience. Players are most excited about this year’s game because it comes with new modes.

The Yard

The Yard is a newly introduced way to play the game. This is a new six versus six arcade mode. It captures the concept of backyard football and it’s a great idea. The mode was well received by players who praised the fun and catchy gameplay. Players are also delighted about the character customization feature that offers many diverse ways to create a one of a kind character. Each player is a unique individual and now they get the chance to make their avatars unique as well.

The Yard goes hand in hand with the mobile app. You can check your game inventory using the app and access other features. This gives players the chance to manage their game when they are not in front of the screen and it’s great idea. All in all, The Yard enjoyed a good reception. If the developers listen to the players’ feedback and improve this mode in the future, it will surely become one of the game’s most popular activities.

The Face of the Franchise

The Face of the Franchise is another mode that got a positive reception. Players liked the way this mode unfolds and the general presentation style. They like the idea this mode proposes: following a players’ development from high school all the way to the Hall of Legends.

While there’s room for improvement in all these development stages, the players don’t have any major issues with this mode.


Madden is one of the most popular game modes, and the Madden coins are the major currency of UT mode. The UT concept is present in other EA SPORTS games and it’s just as popular.

Unfortunately, Madden 21 UT didn’t come with that many updates. The gameplay is still nice but it could use a refresh. However, players welcome the new feature ability caps. They also liked the new card design. Before the game was released, players made a petition to EA to fix the Franchise mode. The developers listened and addressed several issues.

While this is a step in the right direction, there is still work to be done. The game was released with some bugs that hopefully will be taken care of with future updates. Madden 21 is a good experience that can be made better if the developers listen to the player base.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)


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