The Madden NFL 22 Team Builders And Team Captain Events Have Started

2021-11-11 00:00:00

Buy Madden coins from MUTeamgo! Madden NFL 22 is hosting the Team Builders and Team Captains events. These are programs that allow players to collect many valuable cards. We have cards that are obtained as rewards from missions and sets. Players can also buy the cards from the game's auction house for coins. Look for cheap Madden coins on MUTeamgo! The Team Builders program features all 32 NFL teams. Each team has two players representing it. There is an offensive and a defensive player. Each item card has 88 OVR. The program also has Power Up cards. These are premium items found in game packs. Players can trade the Power Up cards. This means that they can be found at the auction house. MUTeamgo has Madden coins for sale so you can buy all the Power Up cards.


Madden NFL 22 Team Builders and Team Captains Missions and Sets


The event has seven missions. The rewards include a NAT item card. Players have until December 2nd to complete the missions. They have to win 30 matches, achieve 75 team tackles, acquire 20 sacks, and force 10 fumbles. The missions also include passing for 2,200 yards and rushing for 1,800 yards. Fifty touchdowns are part of the missions too. Team Builder sets allow players to earn the 64 items. We have 32 sets. Each one corresponds to a team. The reward for completing the set is a pack. The pack gives the offensive or defensive player of choice. All 32 sets have the same requirements. To complete a set, players will need one item of 85-86 OVR, three 83-84 OVR, and four 80-82 OVR player cards. The Team Captains program allows players to upgrade select items to 92 OVR. To upgrade an item, you will need tokens. The tokens are obtained by winning matches with a Team Captain card in the team. Let's see the four Team Captains. Lance Alworth has 91 speed, 92 acceleration, 88 agility, 89 awareness, 48 strength, 87 jumping, and 84 return. Shaun Alexander has 89 speed, 91 acceleration, 84 agility, 88 awareness, 84 strength, 83 jumping, and 26 return. Jack Youngblood has a card with 85 speed, 89 acceleration, 82 agility, 71 change of direction, 91 awareness, 87 strength, and 91 play recognition. John Lynch is a Team Captain with 90 speed, 91 acceleration, 87 agility, 86 change of direction, 89 awareness, 82 strength, 88 jumping, 89 play recognition, and 41 return.


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