Play The Rookie Premiere Program And Get Madden NFL 22 Rewards

2021-06-23 00:00:00

Madden NFL 22 is coming fast. The release date is set for August 20th but you can get in three days earlier should you opt for one of the two special editions. These versions come with goodies such as player items and Fantasy packs. Players will want all the help they can get, especially in the beginning. But what if you don't want to pay extra for the special Madden NFL 22 editions? You will be happy to know that you can secure MUT 22 items while playing Madden NFL 21.


Rookie Premiere Program Madden NFL 22 Rewards


The Rookie Premiere Program is a Madden NFL 21 event that allows players to earn MUT 22 items. This event has sets through which Madden NFL 22 rewards are earned. The 99 OVR NAT Masters set gives a MUT 21 99 OVR NAT item in exchange for 10 Rookie Premiere collectible items. This set has an extra reward. It also gives a Rookie Premiere collectible that becomes available when the new game goes live. You will find the item waiting for you the moment you log into Madden Ultimate Team 22 for the first time. The Rookie Premiere Program has more sets that reward items for the new game. You can earn Fantasy packs that allow you to choose one of the 10 player items that are part of this program. Participants have the chance to get one Rookie Premiere player card that has a quarter quick-sell training value. You may get only one such item. Two players from the program with a half quick-sell training value can also be obtained. The rewards also include a Rookie Premiere player that can be bought and sold over the auction house. We don't know if there will be more events such as Rookie Premiere. This might be a unique chance to grab MUT 22 items from playing MUT 21. Players are excited about the new game but Madden NFL 21 still has activities and content updates. A new Power Up expansion is available. More Ultimate Legends players have joined the collection. If you are eager to find out more about Madden NFL 22, don't miss the Madden All Access events and Gridiron Notes blog. The new game has improved The Yard and Franchise modes and also new gameplay features such as dynamic gameday and more.


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