New World Current Weapons of Combat

2021-09-30 00:00:00

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When it comes to the never-ending fight for conquest and survival in New World, the choice of your primary weapon will dictate how well you traverse Aeternum’s hostile environments within the game.

Building a whole new life on unfamiliar grounds may seem frightening at first, but that is how your new adventure in Aeternum starts off within New World.


You will need to learn quickly and adapt to your surroundings, and the very first lesson of your foreboding journey is inevitably about choosing the right weapon for your immediate survival.


In New World, there are four (4) weapon categories available for you to decide on a personal favourite.


If you wish to have a quick glimpse of the current arsenal provide to you, have a peak below:


1. One-Handed Weapons


o Swords


§ Most common pick by players, the Sword is a staple weapon for almost any game of similar veins like New World.


§ This weapon will offer you two (2) masteries for you to learn new skills and abilities:


· Swordmaster

· Defender


o Rapiers


§ A weapon favouring speed and agility, the Rapier is suited for Intelligence and Dexterity based character builds.


§ The Rapier also offers two (2) in-game masteries:


· Blood

· Grace


o Hatchets


§ The Hatchet is now slowly making a comeback in recent video games, and it is now available in New World too.


§ Two weapon masteries are offered for Hatchet users here:


· Berserker

· Throwing


2. Two-Handed Weapons


o Spears


§ A preferred weapon for players who favours medium-ranged combat, the Spear is able to hit enemies from quite a distance, keeping you safe from unseen enemy counters.


§ It has two (2) weapon masteries, namely:


· Zoner

· Impaler


o Great Axes


§ A massive weapon to hold, the Great Axe is capable of cleaving multiple enemies at once, making quick work of mobs and creeping hostiles.


§ The Great Axe enjoys two (2) weapon masteries as well:


· Marauder

· Reaper


o War Hammers


§ Another prime heavy weapon to smash the souls out of your foes, the War Hammer is a beastly weapon which may become most players’ choice for crowd-control in the game.


§ The two (2) weapon masteries relevant to the War Hammer are:


· Juggernaut

· Crowd Crusher


3. Ranged Weapons


o Bows


§ Another common weapon in almost every video game, the Bow is the primary weapon for long-ranged engagements, capable of stealthily picking off enemies one by one.


§ Two weapon masteries are associated with it:


· Skirmisher

· Hunter


o Muskets


§ The most powerful long-range weapon in the game, the Musket is capable of destroying enemies in mere seconds, provided you are able to reload and avoid getting hit in the process.


§ The Musket’s weapon masteries are:


· Sharpshooter

· Trapper


4. Magical Weapons


o Fire Staffs


§ Magic users will love this; the Fire Staff is capable of – as you’ve guessed it – conjuring fire-based attacks which mostly maximize its Area-of-Effect (AoE) potential.


§ Two weapon masteries are found for the Fire Staff, being:


· Fire Mage

· Pyromancer


o Life Staffs


§ The main support of a group, Life Staffs provide beneficial effects like protection and healing buffs to help a team take down strong foes in the game.


§ The Life Staff’s masteries are:


· Healing

· Protector


o Ice Gauntlets


§ The counter to the Fire Staff, Ice Gauntlets let you control the Ice element, which is kind of devastating when used against most of Aeternum’s inhabitants.


§ The Ice Gauntlet benefits from two (2) masteries which are:


· Ice Tempest

· Builder


5. Miscellaneous


o Shield


§ Primarily used alongside the Sword, the Shield purely functions as a defensive aid for your character to block certain incoming attacks.


§ There are two (2) kinds of Shields in the game:


· Round Shields

· Kite Shields


Now that you’ve glanced through the available weapon options in New World, which one is bound to become your main pick?


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