New World Beginning Tips for Newcomers

2021-11-25 00:00:00

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If you’ve never played New World before, here are some good early pointers for you to remember before diving deep into this addictive MMOPRG!




Amazon’s New World received plenty of early plaudits after its launch, but persistent issues such as a lacklustre economy and in-game bugs continue to disrupt the overall player base’s core experiences and enjoyment.


However, New World is still considered to be a great game in itself, showcasing similar traits which made WoW the MMORPG king throughout the past decade!


If you are considering of joining in on the New World adventure, here are some very useful reminders for you to get yourself going throughout the beginning stages:


1. Randomized Tutorial spawning areas


· Straight after the initial cutscene, you will be shipwrecked at a predetermined location on Aeternum.


· There are four (4) different starting locations that you will be randomly assigned to during this beginning phase, making your initial encounters a bit varied and fresh throughout a few different playthroughs.


· Take the time to investigate everything about the surroundings first before exploring further, and create a new character to familiarize yourself with another spawning location afterwards for you to quickly get a feel of the island map without even fully exploring it yet!


2. Faction Settlements are crucial for materials and resources


· A major aspect of New World also falls down to the PvP components of the game where player-determined Factions continuously battle each other for control of the various Settlements scattered throughout the island.


· Although you might be tempted to forego PvP altogether, gaining control of these Settlements provide astounding benefits that include free resources and crafting materials on a daily basis!


· Your Inventory space is quite limited, so Settlements are also helpful by providing a Storage Shed which lets you free up those personal stash before going out into the wild again.


3. Controlled Trading Posts are a great way of making Coins


· Besides Settlements, Trading Posts can also be conquered by any of the three (3) Factions in the game.


· Trading Posts allow you to put up your items for sale quickly, but the main trick here is to browse through a particular Trading Post’s marketplace in order to identify the location of the Trading Post that sells your wares for a heftier premium.


· This extra feature is only allowed for players of the controlling Faction, so this becomes an incentive for you to partake in those PvP events after all!


4. Equipment Load actually affects combat


· New World’s combat takes inspiration from other games like Remnant: From the Ashes where the load on your back affects the overall combat effectiveness.


· However, different loads does not only lead to negative impacts on your character though, but quite the opposite as well, in order to allow players to decide however they would want to setup their character item builds accordingly.


· Here is what each Equipment Load category applies to you:


o Light

§ Able to Dodge Roll

§ 20% Damage Bonus


o Normal

§ Able to Sidestep Dodge

§ 10% Damage Bonus

§ 10% Crowd Control Resistance Bonus


o Heavy

§ Slow Sidestep Dodge

§ 20% Crowd Control Resistance Bonus

§ 15% Blocking Bonus


5. Master different types of Damage


· New World is bustling with tons of creature activites on Aeternum, and if you’ve been paying extra attention to all of them, each one has its own distinct weaknesses and resistances depending on the type of Weapon that you are using.


· In New World, here are the various types of Damage that can be done by your Weapons:


o Slash

o Thrust

o Strike

o Fire

o Ice

o Nature

o Lightning

o Void

o Arcane


· Diversifying your Weapon Masteries can definitely help you out tremendously when it comes to dealing with the Ancients, Corrupted, Angry Earth, Beasts and Lost.


New World is certainly fast becoming a popular entry in the MMORPG scenes, and this may even continue throughout the foreseeable future too!


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