Madden NFL 23 Releases On August 19th

2022-06-21 15:20:00

Buy MUT coins from MUTeamGo! We guarantee safe transactions and the best prices! It has been a great week for Madden NFL 22 players. Madden NFL 23 was revealed. There is so much ground to cover in so little time. Why? Because we are less than two months away from the release date. The next Madden NFL iteration will arrive on August 19th. Before diving into the new game, check out MUTeamGO if you're on the hunt for Madden 22 coins for sale!


What We Know About Madden NFL 23


Where to begin? The cover would make a good start. Who gets to be on the cover is a question that is on every players' lips. Normally, the frontman is an NFL legend from the present or past. The person who sits on Madden NFL 23's cover wasn't a professional player, yet his is the most known and respected name in the NFL. We are talking about John Madden. Due to injuries, his playing career ended at college level. However, his coaching career is unmatched. Coach Madden never had a bad season. 

The Madden NFL franchise carries his name. So, it's only natural that he should be on the cover. Now that we've seen who is on the cover, let's dive a bit into the gameplay. Field Sense is this year's game's new mechanic. To deliver the bad news first, Field Sense is a next-gen exclusive mechanic. It's a system that makes the game more realistic. It includes several features such as enhanced hit-stick physics, more freedom for ball carrier movement, new wide receiver moves, and a skill-based passing mechanic. Franchise, Face of the Franchise, MUT, The Yard, and Superstar KO are the modes that were featured in the presentation movie. Franchise mode adds team location and salary as new motivations. It introduces tags that have an effect on the activity from the off-season. The AI for trading, staff management, and scouting have been improved. The League is this year's Face of the Franchise instance. We get to be in the shoes of a player who is in his fifth season on a prove-it deal. MUT updates include prize tracker, field pass challenges, and an easier way to manage the binder. The Yard mode will be integrated into the Face of the Franchise as a six versus six mode. Superstar KO will be in the new game, but it won't have any new features. Madden NFL 23 is available for pre-order.


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