Madden NFL 22: The Yard Part 2

2021-07-30 00:00:00

The Yard mode was one of the saving graces of Madden NFL 21, with the fans and members of the press praising it for its dynamic gameplay. It is not surprising to see the mode make a comeback in Madden NFL 22 with new features that will improve the overall experience. One of the biggest improvement to the Yard this year is a new challenge-based campaign playable solo or in co-op. This new campaign will lead you to various arenas all over the world in order to play against new opponents and unlock new gear for your avatar.

The new campaign for the Yard will take you through four different chapters that offer specific venues and games with a boss for each location, leading you to the next set of venues. These venues will each be unique as they come with a set of house rules that will change the way you apprehend the game completely. For each game, you will need to complete three objectives such as winning the game, reaching a statistical milestone and completing a specific in-game action.

In order to reach the boss for each venue, you will need to prove your worth by taking down two competitors. Once you defeat the boss, you will have access to a bonus game with a bigger challenge represented by extreme house rules and a team composed of the best players available. Once you win all the games in a specific venue, you will unlock a Mastery Game that will make you face the ultimate challenge. There will be 8 venues in Madden NFL 22’s The Yard, Hawaii, London, Italy, Miami, Green Bay, Berlin, Nike HQ and the Military Base.

One of the best aspects of this new campaign is the fact that you will have the opportunity to recruit the bosses you beat in your team to make it stronger. Completing a venue challenges will allow you to win rewards such as CRED, REP and gear. You will earn a perfection Reward if you manage to complete every objective and win all the games you will unlock a unique set of gears that will serve as a token of your accomplishments.

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