Madden NFL 22 Ultimate Season 2 Has Landed

2021-12-16 00:00:00

Only on MUTeamgo you will find cheap MUT 22 coins and fast deliveries. Ultimate Season 2 has started in Madden NFL 22 Ultimate Team. This event sees all players starting from level 1. The goal is to get XP and advance to higher levels. XP is acquired from playing games and finishing objectives. Players must have at least level 2 to get rewards. The maximum level is 50. If you need Madden coins to help with the seasonal leveling, just visit MUTeamgo!


What Is Happening in Madden NFL 22 Ultimate Season 2


Each time players level up they obtain rewards. Tony Boselli and Taylor Mays are this season's champions. These players can be upgraded. When you reach level 30, you get Jerry Jeudy as a reward. For level 50, you get P.J. Williams. As soon as you reach level five, you can choose between the 86 OVR versions of the two champions. Their OVR can reach 96 throughout the Madden NFL 22 season. You will upgrade the 86 OVR base version using season collectibles. You need five of them. They are acquired as leveling rewards. Let's check out the final version of the two champions. Tony Boselli has 73 speed, 82 acceleration, 67 agility, 60 change of direction, 96 awareness, and 95 strength. Mays comes with 94 speed, 94 acceleration, 93 agility, 92 change of direction, 94 awareness, 79 strength, 94 jumping, 94 play recognition, and 58 return. The level 30 reward has 94 OVR. Jeudy's attributes are 94 speed, 96 acceleration, 94 agility, 92 awareness, 64 strength, 87 jumping, and 67 return. P.J. Williams has a cornerback card with 94 speed, 96 acceleration, 89 agility, 90 change of direction, 90 awareness, 73 strength, 93 jumping, 90 play recognition, and 60 return. This card has 96 OVR and represents the maximum seasonal level reward. Other leveling rewards include Madden coins, Gold Team Fantasy packs, uncommon strategy items, Pro Fantasy packs, individual cards with 82+ OVR, Gridiron packs, rare strategy items, and Elite packs. The new season comes with a mechanic change. The XP from solo challenges has been revised. Challenges that have been completed once give fewer XP. The players are encouraged to complete varied challenges rather than farm the same ones throughout the season. The first time a challenge is completed with five stars, it gives 1,000 XP. The second time it gives 200 and the third time it gives 100. The fourth completion yields no more XP.


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