Madden NFL 22 The Superstar X Factor

2021-11-04 00:00:00

If you are looking for Madden 22 coins, look no further than MUTeamgo! The Superstar X Factor - Feel the emotion, personality and power of NFL Superstars with the Superstar X Factor mechanic. This new skill progression system reveals the special skills of today's most anticipated NFL superstars as they achieve specific in-game goals. Combining realistic personalities with real player action, NFL stars come to life in Madden NFL 20. With a new way to customise player skills, you can take complete control of your players' development.


Unique Tactical Illustrations - Improved tactical illustrations for each team have been made more unique and provide greater variety in strategic game planning and in-game adjustments.


Dribble/Pass Options - Dribble/Pass options are now available, bringing more realism to the NFL in today's call plays.


On-field Instructors - With a fully functional and modern teaching system, new gameplay mechanics will be introduced as you progress through the experience, allowing you to understand how you can refine your Madden players' skills.


New Fake Moves - Use the new double click 'Throw Cancel' mechanism to perform fake moves on specific receivers and fool defenders.


NFL Pro Bowl - Take advantage of the annual Pro Bowl with a team mode and "Privileged Players: First Quarterback" with AFC and NFC All-Stars.


Superstar-oriented call plays - Tailor-made call plays for your team's stars to quickly send them out to support you when you need them on the field.


New Celebration Moves - Over 20 new touchdown and first down celebrations have been added to bring a lively atmosphere to the big game on the field.


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