Madden NFL 22 Outstanding New York Giants Players Unearthed

2021-09-03 00:00:00

The New York Giants is another team which is famous for their word-class gridiron footballers as well as their achievements on the field in NFL.


Possessing great athletes amongst its ranks, Madden NFL 22 has just released a list of some of their best players in the game.


Want to see who are the four (4) highest-rated Giants players coming next week?


Let’s take a look:


1. James Bradberry, Cornerback (New York Giants): OVR 90


Bradberry is a great Cornerback who covers his zones well and never stops running once he’s off.


He is also very smart too, capable of reading plays to prepare himself for any potential opposition runs.


· Awareness: 94

· Play Recognition: 93

· Acceleration: 92

· Man Coverage: 92

· Zone Coverage: 90


2. Saquon Barkley, Running Back (New York Giants): OVR 90


The 24-year old Running Back is most certainly a respectable player on the field, and his ability to carry the ball forward through the zones is testament of that.


Not only is he tireless and agile, but he is also very intelligent in his deft movements too, tricking players time and again with his fake directional runs.


· Stamina: 97

· Agility: 96

· Carrying: 95

· Change of Direction: 94

· Jumping: 94


3. Kenny Golladay, Wide Receiver (New York Giants): OVR 85


Golladay is an outstanding offensive player, which is why he is the Giants’ best Wide Receiver at the moment.


With tremendous speed and catching abilities, he is always on the lookout to provide passing opportunities and making runs down the side lines.


· Spectacular Catch: 94

· Jumping: 93

· Catch in Traffic: 92

· Speed: 90

· Acceleration: 90


4. Leonard Williams, Defensive End (New York Giants): OVR 84


Williams is a dependable Defensive End for the New York Giants which is shown by his huge build and strong physicality.


He is always on hand to block opponents at the line of scrimmage, and will not give up without a fight.


· Strength: 90

· Tackling: 89

· Impact Blocking: 88

· Pursuit: 88

· Power Moves: 87


With these potential players providing the resources for the New York Giants to push for another glorious season, it is just a matter of time before we see their faces over and over again in Madden Ultimate Team (MUT).


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