Madden NFL 22 New York Jets Top Rated Players So Far

2021-08-13 00:00:00

If you’ve been following the New York Jets for the past few years, you must’ve had insights on the best players worthy of receiving massive stat boosts in Madden NFL 22.


After a recent reveal of the top players for the Jets, here is a rundown of four (4)  of their most outstanding players for the new game:


1. Quinnen Williams, Defensive Tackle (New York Jets): OVR 86


An exciting young prospect at the age of 23, Williams is a beast who is immovable on the field.


His impenetrable defensive stats are just perfect for the Jets to keep their defensive lines safe from any potential holes and weaknesses.


· Injury: 91

· Toughness: 90

· Strength: 89

· Impact Blocking: 88

· Block Shedding: 88


2. Marcus Maye, Free Safety (New York Jets): OVR 85


Marcus Maye serves as the final defence for the Jets, with his incredible speed and last-ditch blocks providing invaluable assets in case any potential Wide Receivers or Quarterbacks manage to break through the initial defensive lines.


· Speed: 90

· Acceleration: 90

· Stamina: 88

· Hit Power: 87

· Awareness: 87


3. C.J. Mosley, Linebacker (New York Jets): OVR 84


An experienced Linebacker, Mosley scours the field to fill in gaps depending on the team’s formations.


He is outstandingly balanced in terms of power and speed, and provides welcome cover and support for the Jets to thwart potential runs against the team’s plays.


· Stamina: 95

· Tackle: 91

· Play Recognition: 89

· Acceleration: 88

· Impact Blocking: 88


4. Corey Davis, Wide Receiver (New York Jets): OVR 83


Corey Davis is another respected player in the NFL, and his stats prove this.


As a Wide Receiver, he ticks all the checkboxes required for him to be a potential superstar on the field, with his catching rates and quick bursts of speed testament of his abilities.


· Catching: 92

· Jumping: 92

· Acceleration: 91

· Agility: 91

· Speed: 90


With these players in tow, the New York Jets should not be underestimated in Madden NFL 22.


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