Madden NFL 22 Green Bay Packers Explosive Squad Members

2021-09-17 00:00:00

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After the recent launch of Madden NFL 22, we now have insights on the best players for the Green Bay Packers especially in terms of recruiting them for your Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) squad right now!

The Green Bay Packers is definitely amongst the best teams in the entire NFL, boasting a selection of incredible football players who are hungry for success and glory.


With so many improved player ratings in Madden NFL 22, it’s safe to say that the Indian Packers are also enjoying the boost, judging from a few of the team’s best players that can be seen here:


(WR) Davante Adams: OVR 99


· 28-year old Davante Adams is amongst the few 99-Rated players in the game, and his team is definitely benefitting from his evolution as a player with unbelievable stats like these:


o Catching, CTH: 99

o Short Route Running, SRR: 99

o Release, RLS: 99

o Awareness, AWA: 98

o Medium Route Running, MRR: 98

o Spectacular Catch, SPC: 98


(LT) David Bakthiari: OVR 96


· Bakhtiari is the team’s Left Tackle wall who boasts massive stats to block opposition players in their tracks, mostly by intercepting killer passes while holding down oncoming rushes from reaching his teammates.


o Awareness, AWA: 98

o Pass Block Finesse, PBF: 98

o Pass Block, PBK: 96

o Pass Block Power, PBP: 93

o Strength, STR: 91


(QB) Aaron Rodgers: OVR 96


· A veteran Quarterback who loves to be the one to make that sweet pass, Aaron Rodgers’ amazing distributions are definite evidence of his outstanding talents as the focal point during offensive plays.


o Toughness, TOU: 98

o Stamina, STA: 97

o Awareness, AWA: 96

o Short Throw Accuracy, SAC: 96

o Throw under Pressure, TUP: 95


(CB) Jaire Alexander: OVR 95


· An exceptional talent at only 24 years of age, Jaire Alexander’s supreme athleticism and ability to close gaps consistently makes him an indispensable member of the squad, justified by his insane stats such as:


o Change of Direction, COD: 97

o Man Coverage, MCV: 97

o Awareness, AWA: 96

o Stamina, STA: 95

o Zone Coverage, ZCV: 95


(HB) Aaron Jones: OVR 91


· Usually the middle-lane runner, Aaron Jones’ impressive ability to make feints and manoeuvres while holding onto the ball and completing runs is just one of his many qualities that benefit the whole team, as can be seen here:


o Agility, AGI: 94

o Acceleration, ACC: 93

o Juke Move, JKM: 93

o Stamina, STA: 92

o Change of Direction, COD: 91


These are just five (5) of the team’s best players on the field, with many others waiting for a chance to shine as well.


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