Madden NFL 22 Franchise Scouting is Out

2021-10-28 00:00:00

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One of the most anticipated new features of Madden Football 22 is here! Franchise Scouting is a brand new feature set that allows you to send your scouting staff across the country to check out every nook and cranny in search of the next great NFL superstar for your franchise.


You have a full scouting department at your disposal as needed, so plan your scouting strategy and place your four regional scouts and national scouts exactly where you want them to go as they search for the best soccer talent in the country. Assign one scout to each of the four regions, but don't worry - you can adjust each assignment as needed between the first week of the preseason and the first week of the NFL regular season.


Use your national scouts to gather prospects: evaluate your prospects through general scouting, position-focused, super-focused or private workouts. When you do a private workout, you will have access to a wealth of information such as player characteristics, athleticism and skills compared to the rest of your current prospect pool. There will also be five mock drafts throughout the season that show which teams are interested in prospects based on their draft picks and current needs. Each mock draft will change throughout the season as teams play and sign/loose players to free agents.


As the season progresses, prospects will move around the draft board based on different storylines. See where prospects are at specific points in the season based on their ranking changes. It's also time for one of the season's most terrifying Ultimate Team Plans: the most terrifying! Celebrate a decade of fear with spooky new players, challenges, items and more lurking in all corners of MUT. 


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