Madden NFL 21: Free Safeties for Last Resort Defences

2021-04-14 00:00:00

In Madden NFL 21, strength and power are not the only tools of the trade.


Speed and agility come a long way to staking your claim for glory, while also being extremely important to protect your own defensive end zones too.


If you are just starting out in Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), having a dependable Free Safety as your last line of defence will prove to be invaluable as you brace against many of the game’s pacey running backs.


Here are some Free Safety players who are definitely worth the watch especially for their price ranges of less than 10k MUT coins each in the Auction House:


1) Jessie Bates III (Cincinnati Bengals, Team of the Week): OVR 88


- A talented prodigy in American football, Bates is certainly a speed demon who is able to catch any wandering running backs coming towards his side’s end zones. He covers his play zones well too, making him the first on this list today.


· Acceleration, ACC (General): 92

· Speed, SPD (General): 90

· Agility, AGI (General): 89

· Jumping, JMP (General): 86

· Zone Coverage, ZCV (Coverage): 85

· Pursuit, PUR (Run Defence): 84


2) Mike Edwards (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Sugar Rush): OVR 88


- Another young safety in gridiron football, he is certainly not as pronounced in terms of size and brute strength. However, he more than makes up for it by his overwhelming pace in the game, making him amongst the fastest MUT players to date!


· Acceleration, ACC (General): 94

· Speed, SPD (General): 92

· Jumping, JMP (General): 91

· Agility, AGI (General): 89

· Man Coverage, MCV (Coverage): 86

· Pursuit, PUR (Run Defence): 86


3) Minkah Fitzpatrick (Pittsburgh Steelers, Team of the Week): OVR 88


- At 24 years of age, Minkah Fitzpatrick still has his best years ahead of him. This ultimately makes it scarier, as he is already a great Free Safety which you can find in the game today due to his overwhelming pace and impeccable zone coverage on the field.


· Acceleration, ACC (General): 91

· Zone Coverage, ZCV (Coverage): 90

· Speed, SPD (General): 88

· Agility, AGI (General): 88

· Awareness, AWA (General): 87

· Pursuit, PUR (Run Defence): 84


4) Xavier Woods (Dallas Cowboys, Zero Chill): OVR 87


- Xavier Woods should definitely be one to check out too, as he has incredible quickness combined with good defensive running capabilities to catch those pesky by-liners in the game.


· Acceleration, ACC (General): 90

· Power Moves, POW (Run Defence): 90

· Speed, SPD (General): 89

· Agility, AGI (General): 88

· Awareness, AWA (General): 87

· Pursuit, PUR (Run Defence): 83


5) Ashtyn Davis (New York Jets, MUT Heroes): OVR 87


- Ashtyn Davis is arguably the fastest player on this list today. The young American is well balanced in speed, coverage and defensive runs, making him the best value-for-quality whom you can find for a reasonable MUT price in the Auction House right now.


· Speed, SPD (General): 93

· Acceleration, ACC (General): 93

· Agility, AGI (General): 91

· Jumping, JMP (General): 90

· Zone Coverage, ZCV (Coverage): 87

· Power Moves, POW (Run Defence): 87


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