Madden NFL 21: Early Offensive Playbooks to Dominate

2021-04-01 00:00:00

The National Football League (NFL) is home to many great teams across history.


From teams like Baltimore Ravens to Tampa Bay Buccaneers, your team choices at the start of Madden NFL 21’s famous Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) and Franchise mode will determine how you play the game until the end of a particular season.


So how do you ‘git gud’ at winning games in NFL 21?


The answer most certainly lies in your offensive tactical plays and formations, which will also be contributed by great individual player stats in the game.


Here are a few great team offensive playbooks for you to master, in order to start winning games on a daily basis:


1. San Francisco 49ers

· Adopting a variety of different I Forms in the game, you can do well to go direct against opposition teams by deploying I Form formations of Twin Te, Y Off, and Slot Close plays

· They also have various Shotgun formation runs to practice with too, such as the Double Y-Flex, Empty Bronco and Wing Tight calls being among them


2. New Orleans Saints

· The Saints favour the Shotgun formation more than many others, in their offensive playbook

· Combining their Shotgun formations with Singleback plays like Ace Pair, Wing Pair, and Wing Tight U provide options for you to use against unsuspecting oppositions


3. Las Vegas Raiders

· The ‘America’s Most Wanted’ team has some fairly similar offensive playstyles to the New Orleans Saints, but variations of their Shotgun plays such as Empty Trey Stack and Bunch Quads will definitely keep your offensive options open throughout any match-ups


4. Baltimore Ravens

· NFL’s ‘Purple Murder’ approaches the game in a different style than most of their rivals, opting for more Pistol formation varieties

· Options like the Strong 1 and Wing Flex Pistol formations will usually surprise most novice NFL 21 players, for them to counter

· The Ravens are also suited with basic Shotgun team formations too, if you would opt for a different playstyle altogether.


5. New England Patriots

· Another team with good I Form plays, you can practice some notable I Form formations like the Pro and Tight plays with your current squad

· They also have a few other notable variants of Shotgun formations for you to quickly test out, like the Normal Wings Pat and Split Close Pats to name a few.


Madden NFL 21 is most certainly a competitive game of brains and brawns, with victories determined by keeping a fine balance between the two to gain the upper hand against other players.


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