Madden NFL 21:Have You Collected This Week's Ultimate Legends

2021-06-11 00:00:00

Julius Peppers, Walter Jones, and Lance Alworth are this week's Madden NFL 21 Ultimate Legends items. This weekly program includes player cards and challenges. MUT 21 Ultimate Legends are some of the best cards in the game. Let's check out the latest Ultimate Legends drop!


Alworth, Jones, and Peppers Madden NFL 21 Ultimate Legends Now Available


The final version of the Ultimate Legends items has 99 OVR. Julius Peppers is represented by a defensive end position card. It shows the player wearing the Carolina Panthers uniform. The stats on the card are 92 speed, 95 acceleration, 89 agility, 96 strength, 95 jumping, 99 awareness, and 99 play recognition. Walter Jones is an NFL player from the Seattle Seahawks. His offensive tackle MUT 21 Ultimate Legends card has 76 speed, 86 acceleration, 78 agility, 96 strength, and 98 awareness. Lance Alworth has a wide receiver card. He represents the Los Angeles Chargers with 97 speed, 97 acceleration, 94 agility, 58 strength, 95 jumping, and 99 awareness.


How To Obtain MUT 21 Ultimate Legends Items


The program includes sets and challenges. We have two Career Edition sets: one for Peppers and one for Jones. Each set requires nine items. You will need one 97 OVR, four 93 OVR, and four 89 OVR cards of the respective player. The Random Skill Edition sets for Julius and Peppers give a Random Skill card representing the player. These sets require 14 cards with OVRs ranging from 83 to 88. The difference from the Career Edition set is that Random Skill does not require cards that represent the reward player. We also have challenges to complete. One of the challenges gives one Madden NFL 21 Ultimate Legends token and 700 coins. It's possible to acquire four stars from it. A Power Up item is available as well. Two other challenges give two Power Up items and 5,800 coins as a prize. Complete these two challenges and you will have eight stars as well. Don't forget about the other MUT 21 weekly programs such as the Golden Ticket collection and the Power Up event. The Fan Appreciation program is also running. All these promos allow you to expand your card collection with high-level items. Special deals from the store are also available. All you need are coins and/points to get the bundles.


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