Madden 23 Best Strategy Cards

2023-02-02 15:00:00

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The goal of Madden Ultimate Team is to gather the best players and pit them against the computer or other players. There are other ways to increase your team size, including creating themed teams. Adding support cards is one of the more straightforward ways to improve your team, but which support cards are the best? In this article, we'll define support cards and discuss some of the best strategy cards in Madden 23 to add to your roster.


What is a Strategy Card


Strategy cards are used to strengthen the player who equips them as well as provide bonuses to the team. These cards come in Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary variants. Strategy cards in Madden 23 are also divided into offense, defense, and team affinity. As for how to get a support card, you have a few options.


The first step is to complete the daily challenges. If you complete these tasks, you will be rewarded with random support cards.


You also have the option to upgrade your low-tier cards for random support cards. 6 Common to 1 Uncommon, 4 Uncommon to 1 Rare, 2 Rare to 1 Epic is the conversion ratio.


By leveling up, you can get specific cards from the Season Pass.


A fourth option is to buy directly from the Madden Auction House.


Best Strategy Cards


Below is a list of the best strategy cards in Madden 23 by type.




In the Trenches - OL


OL Over the Top WR/QB


WR/ QB Deep Route Specialist WR/ TE


WR/TE routing tree WR/TE


WR/ TE Sprinter HB/ WR/ QB




Mind Reading MLB/ FS/ SS


MLB/ FS/ SS Bull Rush DL/ OLB


DL/ OLB person-to-person CB/ S


CB/S Slot Expert DB


Databases in Zones Databases


Team Affinity


Each of the 32 teams has a common, uncommon or rare team affinity. These awards come with one, two or three Chemistry points in recognition of your team. The best strategy cards in Madden 23 in the Affinity category will propel you to the next level of team chemistry. You can add them to your team as needed.


legendary Strategy


It's worth noting that Epic and Legendary cards provide additional benefits that can be obtained by pairing related cards. You have to pair epic offensive strategy cards with epic defensive strategy cards. The extra symbols next to the chemical symbols on the cards indicate this. A legendary card counts as two components and is able to activate its own effect without matching another card. If you're in a match with an opponent while looking for the best strategy cards in Madden 23, this added bonus might make things better for some cards.


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