Madden 21: 50 new players arrives in Week 5

2020-10-27 00:00:00

EA Sports added new content to Madden 21's UT mode last Friday, including the new Halloween promotion called Most Feared and 50 new player cards. 

Beyond all the cards that were included in the first part of the promo, a new card from LTD Khalil Mack was added on Friday, another add-on that real Madden fans should not miss for its advantages and capabilities. 

Madden 21 new 50 players 

The Halloween promotion has included 50 new players with very good attributes who can make a great difference in matches. The most prominent of the added players is Jevon Kearse, with an OVR 92 card with 91 acceleration points, 91 points in Finesse Moves, 89 points in Play Recognition and 88 points in Tackling. 

On the other hand, the arrival of HB LaDainian Tomlinson and left tackle Orlando Pace should also be highlighted. LaDainian Tomlinson has among his attributes 92 Agility, 92 Change of Direction, 92 Acceleration, and 91 Speed. For its part, Pace comes with 92 Strength, 92 Pass Blocking, 91 Run Block, and 90 Awareness to the line. 

These new cards can be obtained using the exchange sets or through the Auction House. However, you cannot forget that there are new Ultimate Challenges within the new content for each of the 50 player cards who have just arrived at Madden. 

Completing these challenges and then buy Madden 21 Coins online in the MUTeamGo store can be an excellent strategy to raise the level of your team by acquiring better players and skills in a very short time, ideal if you are looking for your team to go to the next step and be able to compete against the top users. 

However, finding these types of cards in Exchange sets usually requires you to invest more than 30 Fresh Player cards in transactions. The good news is that Fresh Player cards can be obtained relatively easily in Challenges or packs.

Khalil Mack is now available on Most Feared promo

Beyond the fact that the Most Feared promo introduced very good content such as challenges, Scary Sharp Players, and new House Rules, without a doubt, the most outstanding fact of this was the arrival of Khalil Mack’s new player card, the brilliant defender of the Chicago Bears. 

Khalil Mack's card has an overall of 92 points, with Play Recognition and Power Moves attributes of 91 points, in addition to his 90 points in tackling and Block Shedding and his 86 points of Strength. 

You can currently find this card in the Madden Auction House for a price of between 500,000 and a million coins, so its acquisition can be complicated, although we assure you that the defensive contribution that this player will provide to your team will be huge. 

(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Chong Fang)


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