Madden 21 shows the leading player on its cover, Lamar Jackson

2020-04-26 00:00:00

The N F L has been one of the sports leagues least affected by the global health crisis and, although the state of mass activities between now and fall is still a mystery, for now, the schedule of activities continues, and part of that program involves The revelation of the cover for Madden 21, whose protagonist will be none other than Lamar Jackson, quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens, who announced it this morning on social networks.

Jackson's team is perfectly understandable, considering he was named MVP last season, with more than 3,000 yards rushing and, surprisingly, more than 1,000 yards rushing, in a display of athletics that many thought would lead to the Super Bowl. , a route that was truncated in the divisional round.

Of course, the other theme associated with the cover is Madden's mythical curse, which dictates that whoever is chosen to appear on the cover suffers a stumbling block in the subsequent campaign. However, several players have been saved, starting with Pat Mahomes, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, who decked out the game last year and ended up crowning himself champion. But the year before, Antonio Brown had a difficult time and his career has not recovered since then.

On his own words:

"Yes, they called me and it should be on the Madden cover." Jackson revealed in a video via Twitter. "I'm not worried about the curse. Patrick Mahomes was on the cover and won MVP, so I hope that's the curse. I'm the cover, thank you".

Madden 21 should debut, if the crisis allows it, in August, although the state of its development is unknown. Another question is how the next season will be played, since imagining full arenas for September still seems unlikely. For now, the draft is this week and, curiously, it will rely on Madden's cinematic resources to take place, in the absence of a massive face-to-face event, as has been the tradition until now.

Will he be part of the curse?

Let´s remember that each and every one of the players that have appeared on the Madden games cover end up having some problema (mostly injuries). So, what do you think? Wewish the very best to Lamar Jackson, since it is a big achievement to appear on the cover.

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