Madden 21 Run Defense And Tackling Updates

2020-08-20 06:07:50

Madden 21 will be here soon. Only a few more weeks and you get to see what this year's installment brings. Run defense and tackling are two of the game systems that were revised for the new game edition. When it comes to run defense, the development team's goal was to achieve a better proportion between run and pass.

The run fits system went through some changes. Some defensive gaps modifications were implemented. Force defenders will have more extensive angles at the beginning of the game. They will be able to anticipate better and make more accurate pursuit predictions. This is also true when quick hitting that is not inside running plays. This includes jet sweep and touch pass. Hammer and fill players who happen to have a defensive role in the run fit that determines the open gaps that are part of the force player will do initial pursuits that have wider angles as opposed to outside running plays. This will allow them to go over the top in the direction of the formation outside faster. This way, they will not be stuck inside anymore as a result of blockers' actions or other players' movement.

The formation alignments for force defenders are wider when it comes to most of the formations for base defense. This includes 3-4 and other plays that are part of the base formation. The force players will align with the line of scrimmage as opposed to off the ball. This change includes both edge and force defenders. They will feature ampler gap integrity as opposed to heavy or wing TE sets.

The run defense system also has upgraded blocking interactions. In order to disrupt the lanes, the defenders will push the blockers into the backfield. This will happen during engagements. The defenders will be able to make better anticipations of how the player who carries the ball moves. They will have smarter angles after or during shedding blocks.

Tackling is a big part of the run defense system. The team went over some of the core mechanics of this feature. The result is a tackling system that carries more weight towards the run defense. The system is also more accessible. The defenders' awareness when they are doing blocks in the proximity of the ball carrier is improved. You will notice the defenders engaging in tackles from the blocks in the trenches. Hit-sticks and dive tackles are now more accessible. They will provide players with a better defensive system.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Chong Fang)


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