Madden 21 Rise to Fame mode and cheap MUT coins

2020-06-29 00:00:00

“Our players are among the most passionate players in the world. They love Madden and we want to make sure we meet what they most want to see in the game and deliver new features to take each iteration to the next level,” according Madden 21 Executive Producer, “In Madden 21, there are a series of authentic new gameplay enhancements that will delight both our most engaged players and any football fan, plus unique experiences that will allow any player to fulfill their football fantasy. experience with more to come.”

Rise to Fame

Also new to Madden 21 is Face of the Franchise: Rise to Fame, a playable documentary career campaign in which players create themselves and grow through their fame from high school as a quarterback to college where they can choose to run to run back or wide receiver, before they experience the football Combine, Draft and strengthen their legacy in the League. In addition, fans can expect over 50 new Superstar X-Factor skills, Live Playbooks 2.0 and a brand new season of UT content, along with other new features.

Madden Pre-order Starts Now!

Fans can pre-order the Madden 21 MVP Edition and get plenty of perks, including 3-Day Early Access, Lamar Jackson Elite item with power-up, 17 Madden UT Gold Team Fantasy packs, a large Quicksell Training Pack, Madden Championship Series Ultimate Champion Pack, 1 of 32 Elite Players of Team Elite Package and a "Your Choice" Uniform Package. For the new game you can buy cheap madden 21 coins at our website.

Free Upgrade Your MUT 21 Copy

Additionally, this year EA SPORTS will deliver a distinctive Madden 21 experience on current and next-generation platforms. EA SPORTS offers Dual Entitlement, through partnerships with Sony and Microsoft, that provide players a free upgrade of their copy of Madden 21 from previous generation Xbox 1 or PS four platforms at no additional cost.

This offer is valid through the Madden 21 season, until the release of Madden 22, allowing players to upgrade when they first purchase their new console within that period. Exceptions to offers apply. Physical disks cannot currently be used to upgrade to diskless consoles. 


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