Madden 21 Most Feared Campaign Is Here

2020-11-03 00:00:00

A new program has started in Madden 21. It is called the Most Feared. As you can guess from the name and from the time of the year, this is a Halloween-themed campaign. Here is the structure of the campaign. Treats are event currencies that are obtained from event challenges, it’s different from the existing Madden 21 coins system. Treats are spent to obtain packs from the store. The program comes in four phases. Each phase comes with new content such as player item cards, sets, challenges, and packs from the store. Here is what Phase 1 brings. 

You get rewards as soon as you start the game. The welcome pack includes Troy Polamalu 81 OVR NAT. You can keep this card or rapidly sell it for 40 treats. Scary Sharp and Cauldron are two-player collections from the Most Feared campaign. Scary Sharp players are acquired from packs and from completing sets. 

There are five sets to complete. You can get random 79-83 OVR Scary Sharp players by exchanging eight players that have 75-79 OVR. If you want a random 85-87 OVR Scary Sharp player, you will need two 83 OVR players, two 81 OVR items, and two 79 OVR Scary Sharp players. A 90 OVR Scary Sharp Hero player item card is acquired when you turn over two 87 OVR players and two 85 OVR Scary Sharp players. You will get 92 OVR Russel Wilson or Troy Polamalu for two 90 OVR Scary Sharp heroes, one 87 OVR Scary Sharp player, and one 85 OVR player from the event.

 Phase 1 brings seven Cauldron players. These players are obtained from Crafty Cauldron sets that are completed with potions. These potions are acquired from Castle Jakenstein's challenges. Speaking of challenges, the campaign features some activities that you can complete for rewards. There's the Boneyard Brawl that allows players to get coins and stars.

The rewards are handed out based on the number of accumulated stars. Escape from Castle Jakenstein is another challenge that has a similar structure. You will be getting potions based on how many stars you acquire. Players and coins are among the rewards as well. House Rules is a multiplayer event that comes with the campaign. This event will change once every few days.

The Phase 1 event is called Turnover Terror. You must complete 20 yards and one first down. You have three tries to do that. Special packs that can be acquired for treats and available in the store so don't forget to check that out too. 

(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Chong Fang)


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