MUT 22 Team Chemistry

2021-10-09 00:00:00

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Madden 22 Ultimate Team is a game mode in which you can form a lineup of your favorite NFL players (past and present) and compete with other teams online. These player cards can be obtained by purchasing gift packs in the MUT store, winning challenges or directly purchasing cards from the MUT auction house.


As a team with a long history, the Las Vegas Raiders have benefited a lot from this setting and have the highest overall rating of the current themed team construction. Incredible players like Jerry Rice, Darren Waller and Warren Sapp have all gained chemistry, and this themed team is the best version of MUT. MUT 22 will provide various rewards for themed teams based on the number of players with a specific franchise that you have in the lineup. In addition to the fun of gradually building the team's past and present greats, there is a big additional benefit is the improvement of chemistry. Adding more players from a single team can improve player statistics, making themed teams a good choice for competitive games. The chemistry boost is provided based on the number of players you have in the MUT theme team.


If you decide to build a Raiders theme team in Madden 22 Ultimate Team, you will have to save your coins, because these are the costs and statistics provided: 

Total consumption: 4,011,600 (Xbox), 4,219,400 (game console), 4,177,200 (personal computer)

Overall: 88

Offences: 88

Defense: 88

By adding more players, you will get the higher statistical rewards mentioned above.


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