How Did the Madden 21 New Players React to Their Ratings

2020-07-28 00:00:00

Madden 21 launch day ratings have been revealed. We have five players with 99 OVR which is the maximum rating. The OVR is calculated based on many attributes that reflect the player's capabilities. A lot of effort goes into making these attributes as accurate as possible. The rating adjustors are the people who decide the ratings. It's a complex job that never ends because the ratings change throughout the life span of the game, and then a new game comes and new stats have to be calculated.

The Madden OVR is a reflection of the player's real abilities. It's only natural that the players care about their game ratings. Rookies are some of the players that are the most invested when it comes to ratings. It's their first season and they are excited to see what the rating adjustors think about them. The rookies found out their ratings and attributes directly from the adjustors during live meetings. 

Jordan Love from the Green Bay Packers thought his deep throwing attribute was going to be 78. He found out that he got 81 and he was “happy with that”. Love rated his thrown on the run to 82 and he was pretty close as he got 81. He thought his OVR was 81 but that wasn't a good guess as he got 71.

Tua Tagovailoa from the Miami Dolphins rated his play action to 75. His smile became wider when he found out that he got 84. Tua totally missed the break a sack attribute. He thought he got 50 but he actually got 80. Tua's OVR is 73.

Jalen Hurts from the Philadelphia Eagles was a bit disappointed to see his 72 strength attribute because he thought he was going to get 80+. He was asked about his speed and he said “70 something”. He let out a howl of happiness when the adjustor told him he got 86. Jalen got 37 for tackling and he wasn't that impressed with it. Hurts got 68 OVR.

Justin Herbert from the Los Angeles Chargers was convinced that his juke was going to be 42. He was amazed to discover that it was 72. Justin's OVR is 70. 

Madden 21 launches on August 28th. There's not that much time left and if you're thinking of playing the second it comes out you should pre-order it. You get three days of early access if you get pre-order. MUTeamGo store will also have Madden 21 coins for you, so check it out now! 

(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang) 


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