Discover The New Madden 21 Features

2020-08-08 08:12:00

Madden 21 lands on August 25th. The development team has some new features for us to check out in the new game. Face of the Franchise mode makes a comeback. This episode is called Rise to Fame. The title couldn't be a better description. Players have the chance to create a new character and follow its evolution from high school to the Hall of Fame. The first stop on the way to stardom is winning the State Championship tournament. The next phase begins in college.

On the National Signing Day you get to choose from 10 Division 1 schools. The players get to take part in two seasons of college playoffs. You start your college career as a quarterback but you can change into a running back or wide receiver. To complete your college career, you have to win two championships.

Phase three is about the league. You start with the Combine where you get to run the 40-yard dash. Put your training to the test in this legendary challenge. Should you make it into the league, you unlock seasonal play. Each season comes with its own story.

Three new moves are among the Madden 21 new features. The skill stick allows players to create a combination of their evasion moves. You can put all these moves on the right analog stick. This enables the players to have better control over their moves. It also allows them to move more fluidly. Pass rush moves are another new feature. This system puts all the pass rush moves and block-sheds on the right analog stick. Players will be able to accurately select the rush move they want to make when the time is right.

The thing is that you need to be careful when using these moves. There's a limited number of moves per pass rusher. The blockers get better as you use the same moves against them. This feature brings a strategic component to the defensive play. Location-based tackles are coming to the game. This move is when the player who carries the ball and the defender both know the position of the end zone, pylon, and first stone marker. You will notice that ball carriers reach out as they get tackled to achieve a touchdown or a first down.

What do you think of these new features? Did they convince you to pre-order the game or are you still waiting for the first reviews before making the purchase? MUTeamGo store will have the Madden 21 coins and players in full stock in later August. Remember to stay tuned in case you miss the epic discount!

(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Chong Fang)


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