Check Out The New Gameplay of Madden 21

2020-08-13 00:00:00

Only a few weeks stand between us and the release of Madden 21. Those who are long-time fans and veteran players have already pre-ordered the game, however, there are many of those who like to know more about the gameplay before buying the game. Luckily, we have some info about the new game that should help players make up their minds. Madden 21 comes with features that we've never seen before. This is only natural as the game is supposed to evolve and become better with each installment. The 2020 edition brings innovative features that will enrich the gameplay and attempt to make it the best it has ever been.

Madden 21 development team is committed to giving players an authentic experience. You will discover complex features that give you in-depth control over the game whether you are taking part in games on the field or doing other activities. Players are encouraged to take full advantage of the new mechanics. The new skill stick allows players to become creative no matter if they're playing from a defensive or offensive side.

For defense, you can use the skill stick to gain total control and reactions by using pass rush moves and combinations. Take note that the adversaries will learn your tricks and the same strategy won't work too many times on them. The tackling system has been revised. You will discover the new location-based tackling and more. If you are on the offense, you can use the skill stick to create combos with skill moves. Take advantage of the new dead-leg and other moves to elude your adversary.

The new ball-carrier system allows you to become creative. Practice the new moves and get ready to put them to the test when playing in various Madden 21 modes. The Face of the Franchise makes a comeback. This new episode, Rise to Fame, follows your development from college football to the league and to the Hall of Fame. A players' favorite mode is getting new features too. This mode gives players the chance to collect player item cards and to use them in all sorts of combinations that are normally not possible in the real world of football. Make your dream team and test it against other players' teams.

Play Now and Franchise mode will feature league playbooks based on the real season. Madden 21 introduces Superstar X-Factor 2.0. Get ready to discover more than 50 Superstar and X-Factor abilities. And if you go check the MUTeamGo store, you’ll find the coupon code that allows you buy Madden 21 coins with a discount at the beginning of the game release!

(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Chong Fang) 


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