Check Out The Madden 21 Championship Series Events

2020-11-06 00:00:00

Madden 21 Championship Series has started. This is the biggest EA Madden tournament. This year's contest is bigger than ever as it has double the number of sponsors as last year's tournament. Some of the best well-known names that support this event include Pizza Hut, Snickers, Oakley, Gillette, and Campbell Soup Company. But we are not here to talk about sponsors, we will concentrate on the types of events that are part of the Championship Series. There are four kinds of events.

King of the Hill is an event that makes the debut for this season of the Madden Championship Series. This event has two tournaments. Each tournament is a single-elimination contest and it lasts for seven weeks. This is an exciting event that gives you the chance to watch some spectacular games. One of the tournaments welcomes professional Madden 21 players.

The other tournament is for the players that are at the beginning of their careers. You know how they perform on the field, now it's time to see how skilled they are with a controller. Club Championship is another event that is part of the Madden Championship Series. This is the biggest event of the season. Players will choose their favorite team and battle against players from opposing teams. Don't miss this event that allows you to see some of the best Madden 21 players battling each other. This is the most prestigious event as the participants don't get just fame but also substantial prizes.

The total prize pool for the Club Championship is $750,000. The Madden Challenge event is also part of the Championship Series. This is one of the most iconic MCS events that has been part of the tournament for a long time. The event has not started yet and we don't have any details about it yet. The organizers promise us that this year we will see a level of competition like never before. More about this event should be made available soon.

As you can imagine, the fourth event is none other than the Bowl. This is an event that you cannot miss. The best players will take part in it so you can expect entertaining games. We don't have any news about this event yet. Don't forget that you can watch these events on Twitch. Check out the official Madden 21 Twitter page and the website for the streaming schedule.

(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Chong Fang)


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