Check Out Rookies' Reactions When Finding Out Their Madden 21 Ratings

2020-07-31 00:00:00

Madden 21 is just around the corner and info about the new installment is pouring. One of the latest news about the 2020 game refers to players' ratings. The launch day ratings are here so you can see how the players start the season. Don't forget that these ratings will change throughout the season and Madden 21's life cycle. We've seen which are best rated players.

One of the most expected moments is when new players get their ratings. Some of them learn about their ratings from rating adjustors via video call. Rating adjustors are the people in charge of calculating the players' ratings. If you didn't know who to direct your love or hate to when your favorite player gets a rating update, now you do. These rookies went live with former player Chad Johnson. Let's see how the video chat went for some of the new players.

Jerry Jeudi from the Denver Broncos thought his speed was around 93. He snorted with laughter when he found out that his zone coverage is 31. Jerry got up and walked away when Johnson told him that his OVR is 75. It was, of course, a joke. He didn't get upset about it for real. Jeudi's attributes are 91 speed, 93 acceleration, 64 strength, 93 agility, and 76 awareness.

CeeDee Lamb from the Dallas Cowboys got 90 speed and he wasn't too upset about it. His OVR is 75 and his attributes are 90 speed, 90 acceleration, 69 strength, 90 agility, and 76 awareness.

Henry Ruggs III from the Las Vegas Raiders felt pretty confident about his speed rating when he said he probably got 99. He wasn't too wrong considering that his speed is 98. Henry's OVR is 76. His stats are 98 speed, 97 acceleration, 61 strength, 87 agility, and 69 awareness.

Tee Higgins from the Cincinnati Bengals rated his run block rating to 90. He couldn't stop laughing when he found out he got 48. He was 100% sure that he got 99 catching. Tee was pretty surprised when he discovered he got 82. Higgins got 71 OVR with 87 speed, 86 acceleration, 66 strength, 84 agility, and 75 awareness. 

Madden launches on August 28th. Consider pre-ordering so you can play the game as soon as possible and also to enjoy pre-order bonuses such as three days of early access and various in-game items. If you need help with the game, check out the MUTeamGo store and see what they’ve prepared for you!

(Contribued by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang) 


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