Bug Fixes In New World Patch

2021-11-11 00:00:00

If you are looking tobuy New World coins, U7buygames is the place you are looking for. Patch 1.0.5 just hit New World. This early November update includes combat changes, Outpost Rush updates, and many bug fixes. The fixes are general. They include Outpost Rush issues, but also general troubles such as the time not showing correctly. Should you need to buy New World coins, U7buygames is waiting for you with the best prices!


New World Patch 1.0.5 Bug and Issues Fixes

Players can now join Outpost Rush games even if they have a pending party invite. You don't have to spend New World coins anymore to use repair kits. One particularly annoying issue was one that caused another consumable to be spent when players used consumables from the storage display. The right consumable will now be used. Invasions status will not appear anymore before the actual start of an Invasion. The pop-up text that triggers on login and contains info about the housing tax remuneration has all the correct English text. The exploit that allowed players to increase the rate of fire is now fixed. Magic weapon animations could cancel the main attacks when using weapon swaps or targeting spells. The bug that made the Ice Gauntlet upgrade Pylon Dodge to work right after players put down the Ice Pylon was fixed. New World players could log into the game and find themselves homeless. This happened after maintenance. The bug was fixed and players will not lose their homes anymore. Those who were affected by this issue in the past will receive compensation in a future update. During the mission Shivering Timbers, the enemy was duplicating and stacking spawns. This bug was resolved. Players that are doing the tutorial cannot start the server transfer anymore. The issue that caused the trading post to lag or have delay was fixed. Many players in a settlement should not be a problem as the server performance was fixed. The territory influence is now correctly counted when more players finish their PvP tasks at the same time. The player titles will not appear as uninitialized after the patch. Players will not get stuck when they fish with lag. The notification players get when they end up in a hot spot when fishing is fixed. The bonuses from crafting for tools will not appear as 0 for other languages than English. Gear score cannot get over 589 with drops.



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