How to get my coins properly?

2021-09-10 00:00:00

EA updates several regulations while we using Auction House, guides below will show some instructions and tutorials that essential indeed:


1. A limitation restricts the maximum value of every player. We suggest you post single card or multiple cards contain high Max Value. Range above 80+ Elite card would be the best solution while processing your order.

2. Limitation Range will be changed every 10 minutes, so if there is a situation where your card cannot be found please update details in upper-right “My Orderpage.

3. List one or several cards with buy now price to get your coins, click button "Continue Add" to post another card until summation equals to order amount.



1. HOW TO SET START BID PRICE? Complete filling Buy Now Price, another important thing is setting Start Bid 30% less than Max Value, prevent neither someone biding your cards malicious nor we cant find them properly. For example, same card as above, set start bid price around 126.8*70%=88.76K is a fair range.


2. HOW TO SET BUY NOW PRICE? Your Buy Now Price should be 10% less than current Max Value in AH , because EA adjust the Max Value frequently. For example, Max Price for Brandon Mcmanus/80/Power is 126.8k, calculated buy now price should be 126.8*90%=114K at most.

3. HOW TO SET DURATION? Select 24 hours duration that remains sufficient time to processing your cards.

4. We Don't Cover Trade Fee.


Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account