Madden 22 Scouting Update

2021-10-15 00:00:00

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One of the biggest shifts in scouting this year is that you will have a full scouting department at your disposal, your scouts begin their work in the preseason gathering info on all the players in that year's draft, in regular season week one you will see the top 450 projected players while also making the choice to use our auto-generated draft class or import your own anytime. There is a key decision point, there will be an action item in your activities list on your main franchise hubLet's check out the scouting staff.


In week one you can hire fire and assign your five scouts to four regions of the map, and determine who will be your national scout, you can conduct all of this through the scouts tab, each scout has positions of expertise and a tier from one two three when replacing a scout, you must replace them with one of the same tier, you can adjust your scouting department and their assignments anytime from pre-season week one through regular season week one. The more specific the scouting process, the more information you will gain for each one of them, for example, private workouts and super focus scouting will provide the most information, as you're the most intimate with those players when scouting players you will gain information on their traits, their athletic abilities, and their technical skills.


Each one of these will appear in a different tab on their player card, when you click on them from your prospects list along with the archetype top team needs, and other key information in a general overview. The athletic abilities are in their physical tab and that includes every single physical ability that is relevant to the position, including throw power for quarterbacks and kick power for kickers and punters, you'll notice that there's a range on all of these abilities to start off the season that will get defined, when you have another chance to really get an idea of their athletic capabilities.


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